tips on how to hit my driver straight
3 tips on how to hit your driver straight. Can't hit your tee shot on the fairway, follow these golf driver tips for hitting a straight ball.

Are you looking to hit your driver straight and avoid the trees, bunkers and water hazards off your tee shot.

We will show you 3 tips to hit your golf driver straight to hit more fairways and lower your golf score. Whether you are looking for golf driving tips for beginners, driver swing tips or the proper golf stance for driver, we are here to help you out.

These tips will help you from slicing or hooking the golf ball. If you are seeking some last minute research before your golf round, hopefully these simple driver golf tips will improve your game.

How to hit your driver straight

Driver Club Face – Strike Location

The first tip is always make sure you strike the ball in the middle of the club face.

If you hit the ball off the toe of the driver, the ball flight will move right to left and if you hit the ball off the heel of the club, the flight of the ball will go left to right.

To make sure you are consistently hitting the ball in the middle of the driver, you have to practice. Put a piece of tap of the club face and start hitting your driver to see where the ball is making impact.

Driver Club face direction

Aim the driver club face directly at your intended target. Don’t have your club face open or closed or that is the direction it will go.

One of the most important aspects of club face direction is to have a neutral grip. If your grip is too strong, you are likely to have a club face that will close down. If your club face is too weak, the driver club face will open.

Swing path must be straight through the ball

The second tip if you want to hit the ball straight off the tee, the swing path must be straight through the ball.

If you want to practice the driver swing path at the driving range, place two soft objects on each side of the golf ball. (You can use headcovers). Now that you have your gap created you will wants to swing through the gap between the two objects to get your swing path straight.

Aim at your target with the Driver

You might hit your driver straight, but the golf ball goes straight left or straight right.

The third tip is driver aim. Pick a target by standing behind the golf ball.

Your feet alignment should be parallel to your picked target.

Combined with the two tips above, this should help you with hitting a straight ball.

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