Cobra LTDx Driver User Reviews
Cobra LTDx Driver User Reviews

Cobra LTDx Driver Overview

The Cobra LTDx driver is the ultimate distance machine. Using PWR-COR Technology Cobra was able to achieve zero CG and 5200 MOI for the first time to create a driver unlike any other.

The Cobra LTDx driver combines low spin, fast ball speed, and extreme forgiveness to deliver the Longest Total Distance.

Cobra LTDx Driver User Reviews

I upgraded from my beloved F9 and was fit into the LTDx over the LS model. While the LS may have a yard or two more on max carry, the X was producing more consistent numbers and ball flight, even on the mishits. This in turn has giving me more confidence to free wheel and not steer, producing some of the biggest numbers I have ever seen. There is Read more about review stating Long and Consistent reason they call this one the “Unicorn.” 

Zach, 9 Handicap

I’m very satisfied with my new cobra clubs. I’m flushing the ball more consistently and have increased overall distance and feel. Specifically, the driver has me hitting way more fairways than ever before because of its huge club face and overall forgiveness. I’m now averaging 270 yards off the tee where as before I was only hitting it approx 250 Read more about review stating Game changersyards. I love the way it looks looking down at it at address, which boosts my confidence. I love the sound it makes upon impact. This driver will be hard to beat. As for the fairway woods and irons, much of the same. Straighter than my old set, and more distance. I couldn’t be happier with my new cobra LTDx clubs. Thanks Cobra!!!

Brian, 13 Handicap

The driver has been a very consistent club. The smooth feel and extra distance have turned my par 4’s into more manageable 2nd shots into the green and ultimately more pars on the card.

Doug, 15 Handicap

Cobra LTDx Driver User Specifications

Loft (*)Loft Settings (*)Lie Angle (*)AdjustabilityLength with Cobra Connect (“)Standard Length (“)Swing Weight/Shaft Offering
97.5-10.5 (.5 Increments)57.50Fixed Back45.7545.50iM10: D4
RDX Blue: D1
AV White: D4
10.59.0-12.0 (.5 Increments)58.50Fixed Back45.7545.50iM10: D4
RDX Blue: D1
Helium: D1.5
1210.5-13.5 (.5 Increments)59.50Fixed Back45.7545.50Helium: D1.5


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