Fantasy Golf

Are you interested in joining some golf pools. We host golf pools for the four majors at our sister site NHL trade Rumors – The Masters, The PGA Championship, The US Open and The British Open.

We normally have over 100 entrants for the golf pools. If you are interested, click the hyperlinks in the above paragraph. The links are also located in the mega menu under Fantasy Golf.

The entry fee is $10 with five winners.

Fantasy Golf Pool Prize Breakdown

30% of pot 1st
25% of pot 2nd
20% of pot 3rd
15% of Pot 4th
10% of Pot 5th

Rules: There are six groups, you pick one player from each group. Four of your players must make the cut, if not, your team is eliminated. Full rule details are on each of the hyperlinks above.

Note: The golf pool is run out of Canada so etransfers are only accepted from Canadian bank accounts.

If we get more interest from our American and worldwide friends, we will look into integrating PayPal for another way to pay.