Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods feels the LIV Golfers that left the PGA Tour turned their back on the Tour. It remains to be seen if they receive World Ranking Points.

Tigers Woods stated his displeasure with LIV Golfers at todays press conference at the 150th Open Championship.

I disagree with it. I think that what they’ve done is they’ve turned their back on what has allowed them to get to this position.

Tiger Woods

In Wood’s press conference he went on to say, he wondered why former PGA and DP World Tour players would jeopardize opportunities to play in major championships.

LIV Golf is not recognized by the Official World Golf Rankings so no points are awarded for LIV Golfers playing in their own events.

Some of these players may not ever get a chance to play in major championships. That is a possibility. We don’t know that for sure yet. It’s up to all the major championship bodies to make that determination. But that is a possibility, that some players will never, ever get a chance to play in a major championship, never get a chance to experience this right here, walk down the fairways at Augusta National. That, to me, I just don’t understand it.

Tiger Woods

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. Will LIV Golf get ranking points or will the players that joined LIV Golf, just enjoy their money they received and have their little 48 person field every few weeks.

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