top 5 tips for the 80 yard golf shot

One of the hardest shots in golf to hit is the 80 yard golf shot. Follow these 5 tips below to help improve your game and make more birdies.

You might already have an 80 yard club in your bag, which would be your sand wedge. Do not use this club for the 80 yard shot.

Do not use your 80 yard club! It will cause more problems because you are taking a full swing. The 56 degree sand wedge is a high lofted club and if you take a full swing, it is a lot harder to control.

Top 5 tips for the 80 yard golf shot

  1. Take your 50 degree wedge also known as the gap wedge and make a 3/4 swing to control the distance and line to get the ball close to the hole.
  2. Let’s look at your setup. The ball should be in the center of your stance. Your hands need to be in the center. Everything has to be in the center. You should take a nice divot with the ball and hands center in your stance with a 3/4 swing on your 50 degree club.
  3. You want to have a shallow golf swing. The hands stay low. Shallow golf swing. Your swing should be loose and fluid.
  4. This tip is so critical for your short game shots. Keep your weight more on your front foot and not that back foot. Keep about 70% of your weight on your front foot.
  5. You want to keep your ball flight low. By hitting a low flight shot, it will make your hips rotate and control the shot. Make sure your hands finish by your belt to keep the ball flight low. Just remember low low hands.

What exact club should I use for your 80 yard shot?

The Callaway Golf Jaws Raw Wedge, 50 Degree, S Grind, Steel Shaft is a good recommendation. It is a lot like your pitching wedge/ 9-iron.

Practice your 80 yard golf shot

Like anything else with the game of golf, you must practice, practice and practice some more. Once you figure out the 3/4 shot, keeping your hands low and making sure the ball and hands are in the center of your stance, you will nail down that 80 yard shot.

The next time you are at the golf range, grab that bucket of balls and just practice the 80 yard shot. Do not pull out that driver and bombs away. Save that for another day. Just hit 100 balls of the 80 yard shot and see how you do on your next golf outing when you are 80 yards away.


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