Golf Iron Sets

Are you a beginner golfer and looking to purchase a golf club iron set for the first time? Or are you a seasoned veteran and looking to upgrade on your current set of golf irons?

Golf club iron sets cost can vary and so can the irons that come in the set. Most iron sets come with a 5 iron-PW and either a approach wedge or sand wedge.

You can purchase the no-name brands and get a decent set of clubs for under $200 or if you are into brand names like Titleist, Ping, Callaway Cobra, you are looking at irons costing anywhere from $500-$1700.

What makes up a golf club iron set?

Cleveland Gap Wedge

In most cases a set of golf irons consists of a 5 iron to PW with an AW (approach wedge or sometimes called a Gap Wedge).

The approach wedges or gap wedge is a really useful iron when you need a high trajectory due to an object or not much green to work with and the ball can’t roll out much. Also, the gap wedge can be used to hit pitch and chip shots around the green.

You can hit a gap wedge anywhere from 30 yards to 100 yards depending on how far back your swing goes.

Should I buy a new or used golf iron set?

If you are a beginner, I would recommend buying a used set to see how much you really enjoy the sport.

If you are on a budget there are usually some decent brand name iron sets people are looking to get rid of. If you are patient you can find some really good deals on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace on Titleist, Pings, Taylor Made or Cobra iron sets.

Most of the time, people have bought these top-tier iron sets and given up on the sport.

If you are a seasoned veteran and rather have a new set of irons, the best deals are always end of the golf season when golf stores and pro shops are looking to sell off the current year models.

In closing, golf iron sets can be very cheap if you buy the knock off irons but if you are seeking a top-tier golf iron, you are most likely looking at spending over $1000 on a 5 iron-PW set with a gap wedge.

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